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    Yearly Archives: 2015


    Rio Ferdinand and Police Hats


    So what happened this week... As you can see we have been busy, print team has been running a nice job for the Rio Ferdinand charity which looked incredible when it was finished once again because of the great [...]

    Rio Ferdinand and Police Hats2019-03-18T12:34:22+00:00

    Matt Squelchy At PB


    The fellow on the right in this picture is known as Yoda (aka Mick), due to his printing skills being unmatched, as shown by the recent Budweiser Budvar job in which another large amount of garments were completed brilliantly [...]

    Matt Squelchy At PB2019-03-19T12:42:21+00:00

    Adding Google + Reviews


    How To Submit a Google+ Review We have had lots of requests recently asking for information about our Google Plus page. We greatly value all of the feedback that we receive  from our customers and below is an easy [...]

    Adding Google + Reviews2019-03-19T12:42:38+00:00

    PB Emailer offer to 200,000 UK Businesses, Sports Clubs, Uni’s & Schools


    NEW FEBRUARY 2015 EMAILER NOW LIVE. We now have a very large capacity for embroidery and print, a brilliant team and a bigger & better range of stock than ever before. We can offer very keen prices as a result and [...]

    PB Emailer offer to 200,000 UK Businesses, Sports Clubs, Uni’s & Schools2019-03-19T12:43:19+00:00



    We are delighted to be keeping heads WARM!! Wear a nice warm hat! We are often told that we lose 90% of our body heat through our heads, we don't know enough here to confirm or deny the claim BUT one thing is [...]

    KEEPING HEADS WARM!!2019-03-19T12:44:08+00:00



    Londoners will see a reminder on every street. We have delivered hundreds and hundreds of Tshirts for Evening Standard Vendors to remind commuters that you have to be in it to win it. If you do take Part GOOD LUCK. [...]

    GOOD LUCK FOR FRIDAY2019-03-25T09:38:24+00:00

    PB BLOG is LIVE!


    We are delighted to announce the launch of our BLOG. Our regular updates will be your link to all things PB. Inside news on the charity events we supply to and support, what our customers say, what our staff are up [...]

    PB BLOG is LIVE!2019-03-25T09:38:15+00:00

    Welcome to Our New Website


    Our new website has now launched - we're really excited about our new look.

    Welcome to Our New Website2019-03-25T09:38:10+00:00
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