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Fire Safety Training


Fire Safety training is something we all have to do. PB are no different. With AFC Fire leading PB House Fire Training, the team watched, listened and learned. Some of the team 'watching' more than others... Squelchy appeared intimidated, [...]

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It’s Summer Madness!!!


Now is the Time!!! There has NEVER been a better time to place your order with PB Leisurewear than right now!! It truly is SUMMER MADNESS!! As part of our constant aim to deliver the best possible service and [...]

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Special Summer Offers


Here at PB, we are proud of what we do. From start to finish, we deliver on our promise. For July, we've decided to do something a bit crazy. We've been busy working on our email campaign to promote [...]

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Race for Life


We were proud to donate printed T-Shirts for the admin staff at Guildford High School. The girls performed admirably, with a Guildford High School record (probably?). Our -Shirts were especially chosen for the wear 'n' tear and the tough [...]

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