To anyone who is not in the clothing industry, peparing artwork (or digital files) can be a little daunting.

We often get asked for help in preparing the artwork for branded clothing. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact, it’s quite normal.

We offer this is a service, and we are more than happy to help you in all areas. From design to delivery.

Some customers are particularly interested in this area and are keen to learn about it, and if that applies to you – read on.

vector-vs-bitmapBitmap vs. Vector

Bitmap is a confusing term. To confuse matters, there is actually a file type called Bitmap (.bmp) – but when the industry refers to Bitmaps, they are talking about graphics that are ‘flattened’ and made up of tiny pixels (see image to the right).

Vectors are ‘pixel-free’. They contain no pixels at all and are made up of mathematical equations that result in smooth and perfect lines.

We can (and do) accept bitmap images, when they are of a high enough resolution, but we prefer  vectors for absolute perfection.

Vectors are usually created using CorelDraw or Adobe’s Illustrator. Some applications allow vectors to be exported into EPS files (Encapsulated Post Script) vectors, but the most common is to export it to Adobe’s PDF (portable document format).


We prefer outlined fonts (which is another way of saying converting the text to curves).

The reason why we prefer outlined fonts is that there are litereally 1000s of fonts… and we need to use the same one!

Usually this entails installing your font on our systems, to ensure they print as you designed them. Converting them to curves overrides this problem.

Usually, by creating a PDF, we can ‘grab’ the font from that file. Again, if you aren’t sure – just ask!

Our Designer

For anyone looking for a quick, simple way to create your designs (logo?) over a t-shirt, then try our designer.

It really is quite simple.

Add Your Artwork | Create Your Design from PB Leisurewear on Vimeo.