There can be little doubt that the decisions surrounding the creation of a uniform for your business are huge! From basics like colour scheme to something a little deeper like ‘are you creating the right image?’, this is a decision that should not be rushed.

To help you along the way, we have created a 3 step guide to help you answer some of the most important questions.

Step 1 – Colour Scheme

When considering colour scheme for your uniform, it is essential to choose a colour that complements your logo. Not only will this ensure that you do not create an ‘eyesore’, it will also ensure consistency of brand which is essential for the growth of any business.

Please Note – The creation of a brand for any business nearly always requires a great deal of thought. To ensure consistency, steps must be taken to to safeguard against the risk posed by mismatching (i.e. your staff making minor alterations which will create a mismatch of styles and colours, resulting in the loss of that all important professional image).

Step 2 – Style

Ensuring you choose a style which is not likely to date is essential, along with ensuring you can offer your staff the choice of a range of different shapes and sizes so that all staff feel happy and confident in their uniform.

Step 3 – Choosing The Right Fabric

The location of your staff will play a pivotal role in this decision. For example, if the majority of your employees work in an office, choosing cotton based garments are likely to result in a professional and comfortable look for your team. However, if most of your staff are skilled workers who work outdoors, choosing something a little more hard wearing such as a cotton/polyester blend could offer the ideal solution because they are likely to be a little more durable.

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