Ethical policy

As we all work toward a more ethical and sustainable world,
PB Leisurewear is committed to ensuring that all trading is practiced in
an ethical manner and expects equivalent standards of conduct
from its business partners and suppliers.
In our industry, it is important to be aware of the ways in which
garments are supplied and manufactured, and in turn, ensure that
our suppliers comply with all laws and regulations in the countries
in which they operate. PB Leisurewear will not knowingly trade with any
supplier that does not comply with these laws and regulations.
In order for PB Leisurewear to ensure that trading is practised in an
ethical manner, we require our suppliers to release information
about their manufacturing processes as full statements detailing Ethical Trading Policies.

Taking a more ethical approach
l Boxes from our suppliers are reused in the warehouse
where possible

We now use recycled waxed paper to line the top and bottom of all boxes, not plastic

l Cardboard, plastic, cans and paper are recycled
l We endeavour to have a zero to landfill policy on waste
l Power sockets and unnecessary lighting are switched off
when not in use

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
PB Leisurewear is absolutely committed to preventing slavery
and human trafficking in its corporate activities, and to
ensuring that its supply chains are free from slavery and human
trafficking. The PB Leisurewear supply chains include the sourcing of
high quality lines of clothing and accessories for distribution.
The organisation expects all those in the supply chain to comply
with a zero tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking.
Suppliers are required to demonstrate that they act ethically and
within the law in their use of labour. Where suppliers are unable to
demonstrate this standard, the organisation will look to terminate
the business relationship.

Our Packaging
At PB Leisurewear, we work closely with our packaging suppliers
to ensure that the products that we use create as little impact on
the environment as possible. By promoting the use of sustainable
products and encouraging recycling, our packaging suppliers are
providing environmentally sustainable packaging solutions and
work hard to reduce their impact on the environment.