Frequently Asked Questions

For your information, these are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do you have a Minimum Order?

No. Minimum charges may apply for orders of smaller than 12 items but we are happy to discuss all orders big and small.

Why do I need Design Origination, I already have a design?

To create a printed design, positives and screens need to be made for you.

For embroidery designs an embroidery digitising file is made to operate the large embroidery machines recreating you design with needle and thread.

Both are a one off process, all designs and screens are held on file and securely stored. They can be used as often as needed for future without additional origination costs.

Can you Originate my Design for me?

Yes we have many years of experience producing high quality Designs for leading Companies Sports Clubs and Schools. We are happy to help.

How long do you take to deliver?

Within 7/10 working days once you have approved Print or embroidery design. All work is done in our own UK factory by our own experienced team so meeting tight deadlines of a couple of days is often possible if required.

How much does Design Origination cost?

An average Design would cost around £25 but we will give you an accurate cost when we see the Design. Email us a JPEG image of your Design and we will give you a quote.

Can I use the Design again?

Yes screens are stored and embroidery design are all on a database.

I already have my Design on disk, can you use it?

Yes if it is in any of the main Embroidery formats. Tajima, Wilcom, Barudan, Happy, ZSK.

Do you do Childrens Sizes?

Yes most of the garments displayed can be supplied in childrens sizes.

Can you Embroider Caps?

Yes, we have a minimum order of x24 caps.

Can you produce a mock-up of my design on a garment?

Absolutely! Once we have received your order and artwork we will create a digital mock-up which will be emailed out to you for signing off.

Can I get a catalogue?

Our full catalogue is online. We have so many garments, clothing and promotional products for customisation that it would fill a telephone directory! Even though the choice is huge our product search facility makes looking for the right garment a simple process. We can supply a hard copy of our catalogue should you prefer.

Washing Instructions

We recommend that all customised screen printed and digitally printed garments (including transfer prints) are machine washed at 30 degrees. Embroidered garments can be washed at the same temperature as suggested in the clothing label. When ironing please ensure that any print is ironed from the inside of the garment only!