Fire Safety training is something we all have to do.

PB are no different.


With AFC Fire leading PB House Fire Training, the team watched, listened and learned.


Some of the team ‘watching’ more than others…

Squelchy appeared intimidated, or infatuated with the red fire extinguishers?

This soon changed once he was taught how to use the red saviour(s) – and how to tackle dangerous fires.

A transformation! Squelchy became the heroine fire fighter we knew he could become.

Leaping into action like a highly coiled spring, tackling anything remotely dangerous (in this case the wall), Squelchy demonstrated reflexes never before seen inside the walls of PB House (except at lunchtime).


Willow was a little more ‘off the mark’, when discharging his fire extinguisher. As with any type of training, a learning-curve has to be learned. Sadly, Squelchy was the recipient of this life-saving training.


A useful learning experience for all.

Be fire safe everyone!