At PB Leisurewear, we take our enviromental responsbilities very seriously.

A key part of our goal involves us asking our manufacturers for reports and updates to make sure that our industry is doing everything possible for people and planet.

One of our primary manufacturers is a company called Gildan and as such, we are particularly interested in their policy and procedures. It was with great pleasure that we received a copy of their latest report which you can view below.

Gildan’s latest Genuine Responsibility Sustainability Report. Released September 2019

This year’s report highlights the company’s 2018 results, key priorities, and future commitments toward its vision of Making Apparel Better.

“We are pleased with the progress that we are making to improve people’s lives in the regions where we operate, to continually implement innovative environmental solutions to positively impact our footprint and to improve the livelihood of our neighboring communities,” says Claudia Sandoval, VP, corporate citizenship. “Part of the advantages of owning and operating the facilities where our clothes are made, is that we have the power to provide good, stable jobs and benefits, and safe and healthy work environments for our employees,” she adds.

Additionally, Sandoval says running operations ensures the production of Gildan products happens in a respectful manner and environment. Gildan continues to make progress on material issues of its stakeholders, as well as strengthen its “sustainability commitment” by aligning its efforts with that of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

With that, the company has three primary areas of focus: conserving the environment, caring for the people, and creating strong communities.

Gildan aims to optimize its energy usage via investments in biomass steam generation systems and other alternative and innovative energy initiatives. According to the report, Gildan’s biomass systems in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, in combination with other efforts, have allowed the company to generate 40% of its entire energy needs through renewable sources in 2018.

Along with fair pay, Gildan provides benefits to its manufacturing employees that help to enhance their quality of life. These efforts include 24/7 access to free on-site primary care medical clinics. In 2018, the company also invested more than $13.6 million in supplemental benefits like subsidized meals, free transportation, vaccines, medicine, and vitamins. It also offered more than 5.1 million hours of employee training.

Lastly, Gildan focuses on creating business opportunities in the regions it operates. It chooses local suppliers for the procurement of goods and services required for the production of its products. In 2018, the company’s total expenditures for materials and services with local suppliers in Central America and the Caribbean Basin were close to $200 million. Additionally, in 2018, Gildan invested close to $2 million in community giving.