At PB Leisurewear, we are often asked about the processes involved in printing and preparing a hoodies for leavers: Also known as a ‘Leavers Hoody’.

It’s actually quite a simple process. Perhaps the hardest part is choosing the right hoody?

Hopefully, this short guide will help you navigate your way through the Leavers Hoody.

Choosing the right hoody.

The number of different hoody styles, colours and combinations is staggering.

We’ve picked our most popular hoodies for you, but there plenty more available.

If you really want to see the full industry range, why not ask for our product catalogue, or view a digital version here.

There really are some wonderful hoodies out there.

We recommend heading over to our hand-picked hoody page, where you’ll find all of our best hoodies in one place:

Preparing the names or design you want on your hoody.

Most clients supply a file with the names they want on their hoodies.

The usual style / design is to  have names within the number (year).

This seems a popular style that looks great.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to do this part!

We put your list of names ‘into’ the numbers (it’s called masking or clipping).

We send over the leavers design ASAP; for you to check and make sure you’ve got all of the names and you are happy with the layout.

We’ve had some really interesting and original design ideas sent to us, i.e. signatures within the numbers. We can usually accommodate most ideas.

After this approval, we send you a visual of the design on the hoody.

Concept layouts

We send you mock concept layouts via email (PDF format) for you to get a look and feel for the Leavers Hoody.

Once you are completely happy, you sign off the concept and we do what we do best – print Leavers Hoodies.

We can always prepare a sample for you.

Our staff are always available to talk you through the process and how everything works.

In summary:

1 – Choose your hoodies from our range of hoodies.

2 – Send over the names and any design you want on the hoody (email, fax or post).

3 – Receive our concept design.

For a final quote and delivery time, contact Dave, Scott or Matt who are only too pleased to help your leavers hoody project.