The fellow on the right in this picture is known as Yoda (aka Mick), due to his printing skills being unmatched, as shown by the recent Budweiser Budvar job in which another large amount of garments were completed brilliantly while maintaining the extremely high standard of quality that we all take pride in here at PB.

The spectacular individual on the left is me, Matt Pamphlett, or more commonly known at PB as squelchy which was the nickname kindly given to me on my first week here ten months ago because of my unusual tendency to repeatedly step in the same puddle just outside the office. However when I’m at a safe distance from any puddles 80 Bags for AFC Wimbledon are being loaded onto the embroidery machine with each one requiring a different set of initials. The last one came off of the machine earlier today and looked awesome, if I do say so myself.

Im actually writing this twenty minutes into my lunch break but its all good because the Badger has got me covered! ill let you know about Yoda and the badgers sparkling personalties in my next post. Watch this space to see more soon. Adios!

All the best from Squelchy and the PB Production Team.