Our t-shirt printing services are becoming increasingly popular with schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

With students (both current and former) looking for ways to show their support their school, college, university etc, the need for printed clothing reaches significantly further than beyond the old style t-shirts sporting the school logo.

For many people, printed clothing for school brings to mind basic garments in school colours printed with the school’s basic emblem but things are rapidly beginning to change. In the article below, we highlight just a small number of ways that our printing services can be used in the education sector.

Targeted Student Groups

Student groups — from student unions to official groups – can find a variety of users for printing garments. Freshers weeks, promotions etc can all be promoted in the perfect way through the clever usage of printed clothing.

Look for Special Events

Colleges/Universities etc have annual and regular events which need promotion. Freshers week for example offers the ideal opportunity to allow your design talents to come to the fore!

Don’t Forget Former Students

People often feel very sentimental where there previous educational venues are concerned and think nothing of wearing apparel relating to the school, college or university from which the graduated. Therefore developing a range specifically for former students could prove to be a great idea.

We Are a One-Stop Shop

With a huge range of apparel, clothing and other marketing items at our disposal, the services from PB Leisurewear are ideally suited to help promote your group or event. Not only this, we constantly run special deals to ensure that our services are available at the best possible prices!

To see which offers we have available at the moment, please visit the dedicated area on our website by clicking here.

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