As is often the case, most companies are focused on their business and tend to forget the imprtant stuff like customer reviews.

Our business is printing, branding and working hard to make every order perfect and every customer happy.

This, we pride ourselves

12 years and 15,000 invoices later, we have realised we have not spent much time on collating testimonials and reviews.

It’s tempting to write down comments on a Web page that people have said to us over the years. However, the danger of this approach is that they might not appear geniune or organic. At the very least, they appear a little suspicious with regards to the author (us!).

So, we have investigated how to overcome this by using a third party (Google Reviews) to capture as many organic and natural reviews as possible – and we encourage you, our customers to help us.

We kindly ask you to leave feedback and rate us on Google Review.

It only takes 15 seconds. Just click the link, and write a sentence or two.

It will then appear on our Google Search results, map and general Google Profile.


Here is a little letter we have prepared.


We want you to know that we greatly appreciate your business.

We will continue to do all we can to ensure that you receive our very personal and highly professional service.

We assure you that we will make every effort to maintain your continued confidence and satisfaction.

So often businesses fail to get to know their good customers and hear only from those few who are displeased.

That’s not us. 

Our personal approach enables us to give you the fastest service, as well as meeting your individual preferences.

We are extremely proud that you’ve chosen to continue to work with us.


If you have 2 minutes, we kindly ask for your support.

Please go ahead and fill out a very short review form, to help us demonstrate our proud 12 year history