So what hRIO 1appened this week…

As you can see we have been busy, print team has been running a nice job for the Rio Ferdinand charity which looked incredible when it was finished once again because of the great Yoda’s skills. while that was being done amongst other things the rest of us have been running jobs for smaller businesses such as gym clubs, schools and football teams which is awesome as it allows me and the team to bring the everyday persons personal designs to life. Its also cool because I often see people wearing these garments out and about, and by the look on their faces, they’re happy with PB’s efforts.20150729_151513_001

There was also an unusual occurrence this week as two large bowl shaped police hats that must have been part of a costume turned up out of the blue, and obviously like any teenage lad I decided to put them up my shirt and pretend that I had large breasts. Now me and a few of the chaps found it hilarious! However the other gentlemen in the PB team are clearly too mature for such banterous behaviour as all I received in return was a slow shaking of the head. (Im sure they were cracking up on the inside).

We are all pushing hard to get this week cleared as scheduled as next weeks work includes 9000 prints and embroideries for Evening Standard …. This makes me think about how I might need to come up with some new material to keep the lads going, ( not sure if the boob joke would work the second time around).

I shall let you know if such a joke is possible and how the Evening Standard job is going next week. until then, all the best from me Squelchy and the PB team.  Have a good week.