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Screen Printing

We offer many types of printing methods and can advise which would be best for you.

The most suitable method for you would be subject to your design and the total order quantity.

Please simply send us a visual of your design and we can recommend the best way forward.

For larger runs, it is cost-effective to screen print. The finished print will last forever and looks fantastic.

We work from vectorised eps files ideally, we can do artwork here and redraw untidy jpegs and such files if necessary. The colours which make up your design are separated from each other and a screen made for each one.

A one-off set up charge of £25 will apply for this service. This is a single one-off charge, no additional set up costs will apply in the future. Your screens will be archived and can be used indefinitely for all future orders.

Example of a three colour target type design


We have large multicolour, multi-station print carousels with a capacity for large numbers, fast and efficient print allows us to keep your costs down whilst achieving the very best results. This is why screen printing could never be replaced and is without a doubt the best option for price, quality and durability. In our opinion, it will be a very long time before anything comes close to replacing it. Our production team have a great eye for detail and a passion for every print to look its very best.


Sensible and affordable prints for screen printing would be designs made up of up to 6 colours on larger quantities.

Due to the setup costs, screen printing is always cost-effective for 50 items or fewer. For smaller runs, we can offer cad cut or pressable print service.

The single unit cost may be slightly higher but there are no set up charges.

We also offer Nylon specific Jacket and bag printing. Transfer printing, Numbering and Names