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Fulham Foundation Matchday Raises £10,504


Saturday 9th December was a fantastic day for Fulham FC Foundation’s Official Charity Matchday as they raised more than £10,500 for their disability programmes in the community. The PB Leisurewear team are very proud to have played a small [...]

Fulham Foundation Matchday Raises £10,5042019-03-01T14:17:35+00:00

Supporting Woolly Hat Day!!


Woolly Hat Day 2018 has been designed to help us reach even more people experiencing homelessness. During Woolly Hat Day on Friday 26 January, we want you and your colleagues to take woolly hat selfies and share them with us on our [...]

Supporting Woolly Hat Day!!2019-03-06T11:03:05+00:00

Active Communities and Haringey Rhinos


Active Communities has a vision where we live in a world where everyone has the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of backgrounds. Who Are Active Communities? Active Communities Network is an international youth and community development charity operating across [...]

Active Communities and Haringey Rhinos2019-03-14T11:49:10+00:00

The Rio Ferdinand Foundation


We are very proud to work with all of our clients but we take an extra special bit of pride for the work that we do for the charitable organisations that work with us. We have recently completed a [...]

The Rio Ferdinand Foundation2019-03-14T11:53:33+00:00

Race for Life


We were proud to donate printed T-Shirts for the admin staff at Guildford High School. The girls performed admirably, with a Guildford High School record (probably?). Our -Shirts were especially chosen for the wear 'n' tear and the tough [...]

Race for Life2019-03-18T12:34:00+00:00

Rio Ferdinand and Police Hats


So what happened this week... As you can see we have been busy, print team has been running a nice job for the Rio Ferdinand charity which looked incredible when it was finished once again because of the great [...]

Rio Ferdinand and Police Hats2019-03-18T12:34:22+00:00
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