1. What Are Your Aims For Your New Uniform?

This may sound quite basic but you need to have a firm grasp on what you are actually looking for from your new uniform. Is advertising/marketing important to you? Is the comfort of your Uniform Supplier Buckinghamshireemployees top of your list? Are you looking for a complete change from your current uniform?

You also need to determine who you are designing for. What’s the age range? Male, female or both?

Top Tip – Always think with a long term view in mind if possible, you don’t want to be re-visiting this too soon.

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2. Choose the Right Items of Clothing

With so many different items of clothing which can be branded up with your design, it is important to decide just which items may be useful. Would a range of polo shirts be enough or do you need to go a little further? T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tops, Trousers etc can all be branded with your logo, designs and strapline if required.

3. Create Mockups and Ask For Feedback

Whilst your new design is very likely to be something you will be very proud of, it’s always important to check with the people who will actually be wearing it! As such, just because you think something looks great, does not guarantee that everyone will feel the same.

E-mailing trusted friends, your staff etc and asking for feedback (and then listening to it!) is a great way to ensure that you choose a design that is well-liked by the people that matter.

Top Tip – Honest feedback is essential! If you are canvassing the opinions of your staff, be prepared to hear things that you may not like! Don’t penalise your staff for speaking their mind when that is exactly what you have asked them to do!!