We are strong believers that exceptional t-shirt design can accomplish a huge amount of things. From representing your brand, to communicating a message to just looking great, if your t-shirt design contains writing, few aspects are more important than choosing the perfect typeface.

Why Choosing The Right Font Is Worth The Time

There’s little doubt that unless you spend a lot of time working around fonts, there is absolutely no reason for you to be expected to find your perfect font. The good news is that we are here to help as even the most subtle differences in font can make a massive difference.

Choosing the right font to complement your design is very much an art form in itself. Ultimately though, a little experience and personal preference can go a long way towards cutting through the process to help arrive at your perfect typeface a lot faster.

3 Key Questions

To help you along the way, we always advise our customers to ask themselves the following 3 questions.

  1. Who is my design for? (For yourself? For your staff? For your team? etc)
  2. What is the message that you would like to promote?
  3. Which is more important for your design, looks or readability? This is very important because some fonts look great but can be difficult to read. If clarity is important to you, readability should be the top choice for you.

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Who Are PB Leisurewear?

We are very passionate about the clothing and print/embroidery quality, happy customers and meeting deadlines. We are delighted to have a large number of cherished customers who recommend us with every opportunity and have been able to grow very organically as a result.

We have built an extensive stock clothing range from the best plain clothing brands in the world and are proud to offer our customers the largest range of clothing in the industry.

We stock brands for every event and requirement with promotional clothing all the way up though Nike ™ to this year’s new additions of The North Face ™, Jack Wolfskin, amongst other top brands.

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