PB Leisurewear specialises in creating personalised team outfits, sports gear, and corporate attire that not only promote your brand but also foster unity and camaraderie among your team members.

1. Spirit Wear

1.1 Online Spirit Wear Stores

PB Leisurewear takes pride in designing and creating your team’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and other sportswear. We can establish an online store, whereby your team’s or company’s attire are promoted. Your customers can directly pay through the online store, eliminating the need for manual money collection.

1.2 Efficient Order Tracking

We have an automatic order tracking system in place, which renders spreadsheets redundant. We also individually package orders for hassle-free distribution.

1.3 Fundraising Opportunities

Interested in fundraising opportunities? Reach out to us for more information about spirit wear.

2. Corporate Wear

2.1 Custom-Embroidered Business Shirts

We provide a vast range of workwear and business attire for professionals and companies desiring to market their brand through uniforms or branded attire. Our offerings include custom-embroidered business shirts, company t-shirts, and corporate wear.

2.2 Safety and Casual Attire

We also specialise in high-visibility (reflective) safety vests and casual wear such as polo shirts.

2.3 Online Company Stores

Our online stores allow employees to order directly. We can ship your items individually or as a bulk shipment for use in business.

2.4 On-site Decoration

We provide on-site decoration services such as embroidery and screen printing.

3. Retail

3.1 Team Uniforms and Sportswear

If you’re looking for team uniforms, sportswear, sports equipment, hats, bags, and letterman jackets, our retail store is your one-stop-shop.

3.2 Customised Looks

Many of our customers have specific items in mind when they visit us. We help them put together outfits and create a customised look.

4. Map Designs and Decoration

4.1 On-site Decorations

Our on-site decorations include print screening, embroidery, and sewing facilities, which allow us to easily customise apparel, uniforms, equipment, and spirit wear!

4.2 Team Logos and Names

Our in-house artists can create team logos, team names and unique designs to customise your apparel. When necessary, we can provide quick turnaround and rush orders.

5. About Us

5.1 Our Mission

Our mission is to create branded apparel that our customers wear with pride.

5.2 Our Vision

Our vision is to forge successful partnerships where we achieve outstanding results by working together— again and again

5.3 Our Core Values

Our core values – Positivity + Expertise + Teamwork

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6. Design

6.1 Total Design Freedom

Work one-on-one with our designers for a truly custom team jersey that captures your club’s identity.

6.2 Delivery

We can ship custom team apparel directly to each individual team member or a single contact person, depending on your preference.

7. Durability

We only use the best materials so your custom team jerseys last from the first event to the championship podium. Your custom team apparel will also last multiple seasons.

8. Stand Out From Your Competition

8.1 Unique Custom Team Jerseys

Your distinctive club deserves unique custom team jerseys. Stand out from the competition without worrying about discontinued styles, peeling and sticky screen-printed logos.

9. Testimonials

9.1 Customer Reviews

“I can’t believe how easy this has been and the kids absolutely love their new kits. Thank You!” – Team Uniform Director

“You’ve saved us so much time! I count it as a small miracle.” – Team Administrator

“Our uniforms are awesome! People recognise the team wherever we go!” – Club Parent

10. FAQs

10.1 Learn More About Our Process

Visit our FAQs to learn more about our process, what we offer, timelines for design and completion and more.

11. Contact Us

11.1 Reach Out to Us

Contact our team at PB Leisurewear today if you have any questions about the design process, how to order or to find a storefront. Contact Us

Embrace the PB Leisurewear experience. Let us help you foster unity, promote your brand, and celebrate your achievements!