Whilst it is true that uniforms are not liked by all employees, there are also a number of benefits for the company, customers and some employees as well.

The benefits of corporate clothing, such a simple thing, are great. For starters, employees will be advertising the brand wherever they go from the workplace such as for lunch, appointments, and on their way home. They are giving an organisation additional exposure and reaching potential customers.

Creating A Professional Impression

A uniform can be perfect for advertising your brand along with giving off a professional impression to those who see your employees. Having a corporate image that is spread across the board in the sense of interior design, brand, and uniforms will have an added bonus of brand recognition. This makes them distinctive and is perfect for enhancing the levels of trust which are key in the customer experience.

An image of a recent project for Dracott and Fennemore

Creating A Sense of Unity

Employees can also benefit from corporate clothing and a great sense of unity. Being a part of a team is more defined in uniform and encourages equality and teamwork, which will ultimately increase productivity levels as an added bonus for the company. Uniforms also have a positive impact on employee’s behaviour; the uniform encourages the understanding of what wearing a uniform means and employees know that whilst they are wearing the uniform, they are representing the company’s image and tend to behave with this in mind.

Being a part of a team and having a sense of solidarity can do wonderful things to the way people work and the way they view their company. A uniform allows an employee to take pride in their work and the job that they do.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers can benefit from a better customer experience when approaching a company who incorporates corporate clothing. The customer will know who they can approach for help and assistance. The customer will feel more at ease and able to approach someone in a uniform whilst getting the profession sense that the uniform implies. A customer is more likely to recognise and recommend a company that has a distinct image.

Uniforms certainly have their benefits and can be beneficial to every party involved. They are more stylish than they used to be, more comfortable for employees to wear, and the designs tend to be more revolved around company branding. This is beneficial for advertising reasons, and so the employee feels confident in what they are wearing. Image is important and by making employees a part of that image; they are able to feel like they are a part of what makes things happen in the organisation.