PB Leisurewear offers the ability to embroider logos on most of the items in our online brochure with your design whether it is a company logo, club badge, or just text.

If you are unsure whether our logo embroidery services are right for you, we have outlined a few reasons below:

  • Logo embroidery services offer the ability to promote your company
  • Embroidered clothing offers a company identity
  • Logo embroidery helps increase your profile in the eyes of customers.

We offer a huge range of custom embroidery and embroidered clothing options for businesses, schools, sports teams and many more including:

  • Embroidered logo t-shirts
  • Embroidered logo polo shirts
  • Embroidered logo workwear
  • Embroidered logo hoodies

In a competitive market, we have long-standing relationships with a large number of customers and take great pride from the fact that many of our new customers come to us on the recommendation of current customers.

Something For Everyone

We have the ability to cater for a range of needs. So whether you are looking to rebrand your company with a new uniform or have a new kit for your football team, we are here to help.

Not only are we able to provide the logos embroidery services to provide the perfect finish to your garment, but we’re also able to supply the garments as well!

Go Epsom embroidered logo

Logo Embroidery Services

All embroidery is done right here by our own experienced team operating the latest and best machines for the perfect embroidery service.

  • We can meet very tight deadlines.
  • Offer the best service.
  • Excellent stitch quality.
  • Very competitive rates and a huge capacity for orders from 20 to 20,000+