Workwear Logo Embroidery Sussex

The team at PB Leisurewear understand that your logo is perhaps the primary visual expression of your company’s identity.Logo Embroidery Sussex

For this reason, logos create a lasting impression of your business, products or services in the minds of everyone exposed to it.

We specialise in the embroidery and printing of your logo onto the items of clothing of your choice. Our workwear logo embroidery Sussex services are highly effective on company polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, and fleeces. If you require any embroidery or printing services, we can help.

We offer quick turnaround times for all our logo embroidery from originating your designs to providing samples and shipping. We embroider workwear as well as many other garment styles and offer a full corporate workwear embroidery service that is fast, professional, and efficient.

Get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

Logo Embroidery Sussex and Print

PB Leisurewear specializes in producing high-quality logo embroidery. Our logo embroidery is priced according to the number of stitches in the design – the more stitches, the greater the cost.  With numerous years of expertise in this field, we will ensure that you receive your garment the way you want it, at a price you can afford. Our in-house design and production staff will ensure that your order is completed to the highest quality.

To ensure the highest quality of logo embroidery Sussex we create computerised jacquard, which is a computer program which controls the embroidery machine detailing where to stitch and what thread to use.

We can digitise most image formats to create jacquard. Once the jacquard has been created we are able to download your image onto our state of the art machinery and the logo embroidery can then take place on the garments of your choice.

Available Throughout the UK

Our logo embroidery service has to supply branded clothing for companies, clubs, colleges, councils, universities and promotional events all over the UK.

We have a wealth of experience & have a very varied customer base from large corporate companies to local schools and sports clubs, all of which have taken advantage of our top-quality logo embroidery service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a prompt response to any question you may have or for a full quote.

Outstanding Customer Service

We understand that we are in a competitive market and to complement our quality services, we aim to provide a level of customer service that is of the very highest standard.

Feedback plays a key role in our ability to keep improving and we would appreciate any of our customers taking a moment to leave a review on our Google Maps listing detailing their experience with us.

Further Information?

If you would like more information regarding our workwear logo embroidery Sussex clothing, please call us at 020 8330 3040, contact us via Facebook or email for more details.

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